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Value Added Offerings

At A-Z Sophisticated Solutions, we help plastics, software, and many other industry companies improve customer satisfaction & product quality, while reducing development time & operational costs for our domestic and international customers. Our expertise focuses within CAE / FEA plastics engineering application software technical training, instructional design, technical writing & information design services in English and/or Spanish. Examples of the technical content that we create for customers include: creation of training curriculum, manuals, presentation slides, certification programs, white papers, brochures, etc.

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The 6 Reasons Customers Choose Us.  Why we’re Different & Better than our Competitors?

1) Unlike our competitors, we do not sell the products we teach, nor do we provide engineering consulting services.  Similar to customers, we also consider those simultaneous offerings a conflict of interest.

2) Unlike our competitors, we have participated in the development of current Autodesk® Moldflow® training curriculum and the certification program.

3) Very few competitor technical writing, instructional design & information design companies have technical engineering degrees & experience like our staff.

4) Our instructors are subject matter experts (SME) that apply proven techniques for effective adult learning.  At the same time, our experiences allow us to anticipate most student questions. We have the ability to effectively teach courses consisting of diversified educational audience background literacy in CAE, plastics and computer knowledge.

5) Thorough Spanish & English bilingual oral & written fluency among highly technical subjects while delivering training and creating written content.

6) Unlike our competitors, our international staff has a wide range of expertise across multiple fields allowing us the advantage of cultural intelligence to better engage and connect with our customers.



Our A-Z Sophisticated Solutions’ staff have 130 collective years of experience!  We are seasoned experts focused mostly within the latest advancements in finite element analysis and information design fields.  Our team’s expertise includes plastics engineering, polymer science, research & development, lean six sigma, project management, product management, process simulation, finance & accounting, strategic marketing, etc.  These areas help ensure we deliver superior industry value to our clients.


Industries Served

We have over 19 years of experience teaching and creating technical documents for cutting-edge software within plastics-related industries including consumer products, Medical Device, Automotive, Defense Contracting, Telecommunications, Pharmaceutical, Construction Materials, Product Design, Manufacturing, Higher Education and others.  Collectively, our staff has additional industry experience within: Research & Development, Mold Design, Engineered Materials, Sustainable Materials, Sustainable Products, Product Management, Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG), Plumbing Products, Semiconductors & Microchips, Prosthetics, Orthopedic Products, Petroleum/Oil & Gas, Renewable Energy, Food Manufacturing Equipment, Electronics, Agricultural Equipment, Household Appliance, Motorcycle & ATV, Aerospace, Marine, Toy, Playground Equipment, Packaging, Zipper & Fastener, Footwear, Garment, Office Equipment, Furniture, Lighting Fixtures, Software Development, Financial Services, Professional Services, Healthcare, Investment Management, etc.


Staff Summary

All our Technical Instructor & Document Translator Staff are Bilingual (Spanish English).

Ana Maria – Managing Director, Sr. Technical Instructor, Information Designer & Translator

  • MS Plastics Engineering: Plastics Design & CAE
  • BS Materials Engineering: Polymers
  • Certificate in Plastics Design
  • Autodesk® Moldflow® Certified
  • Autodesk® Authorized Author
  • Autodesk® Authorized Trainer
  • 19 years Technical Instruction within plastics, process simulation / CAE / FEA engineering industries
  • 13 years Information Design & Translation within plastics, process simulation / CAE / FEA engineering and other  industries



Liliana – Translations Services Manager

  • MBA
  • BS Materials Engineering: Polymers
  • 19 years of professional experience

Edgar – Translator

  • PhD Polymer Science and Technology
  • MBA International Business
  • MS Polymer Science
  • BS Chemistry
  • 36 years of professional experience

Fabio – Translator

  • MS Computer Science
  • BS Computer Science & Systems Engineering
  • 32 years of professional experience

Ana G. – Translator

  • BS Chemistry Coursework
  • Spanish Instructor
  • 15 years of professional experience

Marcela – Translator

  • BS Textile & Industrial Designer
  • 10 years of professional experience

Martha – Translator & Accountant

  • BA Finance
  • 13 years of professional experience

Charles – Marketing Manager

  • MBA Strategic Marketing (Harvard University)
  • Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt
  • BS Industrial Engineering
  • 19 years of professional experience


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