Autodesk Moldflow

Our seasoned trainers at A-Z Sophisticated Solutions have provided customers Autodesk® Moldflow® Training Courses in both English and Spanish since 1998.  More than 1,200 corporate customers have received our CAD/CAE training. Our customers span more than 10 different industries including consumer products, medical device, automotive, defense contracting, telecommunications, pharmaceutical, construction materials, product design, manufacturing and higher education.  Of our surveyed students, 94% of them have rated their educational experience from our training as “Highly Valuable!”

We have partnerships with Autodesk®, Autodesk® resellers and Autodesk® Authorized Training Centers to provide you the training services you need. We are able to provide training services:

  • At your company’s training facility,
  • At Autodesk® Authorized Training Centers,
  • Within our online virtual training room

We serve customers throughout North America, Central America and South America.

At A-Z Sophisticated Solutions, our customers constantly praise us for not offering any engineering consulting services, like most of our competitors do.  Our customers continually express their confidence & appreciation with our service ethics and objectivity.  Customers have shown great concern with competitor Autodesk® Moldflow® Training Course providers who also provide engineering consulting services.  These customers feel those companies purposefully provide inadequate training services as to encourage purchase of their high-priced engineering consulting services after the training has been provided.  Customers believe Autodesk® Moldflow® Training Course provider companies which offer both training and engineering consulting services represent a conflict-of-interest.  We agree.  That is why A-Z Sophisticated Solutions refuses to offer engineering consulting services or sell simulation products in addition to our educational services, with the objective to keep our customers’ educational interests our top priority.  Most of A-Z Sophisticated Solutions’ clients have been referred to us by our former students, which can be seen as a testament of the high quality teaching experience we provide our students.

If you would like to purchase or upgrade any of the CAD/CAE software products you use or if you have a need for engineering consulting services, we will be happy to introduce you to a select group of partners we believe offer high quality services.  Please contact us directly.  Based on your requirements, we will share their contact information.

All Autodesk training provided at A-Z Sophisticated Solutions is by the seasoned trainer Ana Maria Marin, who’s been nicknamed by customers as “Lady Moldflow”.



Call us today, toll-free at 1-855-297-7658 or use our Contact Form so we can help you personalize your Autodesk Moldflow training path.


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