Technical Training

technical training

A-Z Sophisticated Solutions was founded with the sole purpose to provide only educational services for you and/or for your customers.

If at any point you would like to purchase or upgrade any of the products you use or have a need for engineering consulting services we will be happy to introduce you to a select group of partners. Please contact us directly and based on your requirements we will share their contact information.

We serve customers all throughout the Americas.

Would you like to improve your company’s knowledge of Plastics Engineering and Engineering software?

Our instructors have years of experience teaching the newest innovations and cutting edge technology.  We can tailor courses for your specific needs and interests.  We can help you get the most value with what you have, and learn about new software and technologies you’d like to acquire.

In addition, we can create technical manuals by themselves or ones that go along with courses to help you retain what you’ve learned. We have developed complete training curriculum comprise of several manuals.

The more knowledgeable your staff is, the better they are in serving your customers, clients and the more overall value your company has. Our courses are designed to be fun, interesting and educational for people of all levels of technical skills.

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Engineering Software Training Courses

Our instructors hold advanced degrees in Plastics Engineering, multiple certifications in Engineering software and are experienced in teaching diverse groups of people.

And while our background is in plastics, much of what we teach transfer well to other fields.

We can design and instruct tailor-made technical courses for engineering software.  Courses are professionally taught by experienced engineers who know the software and how to get the best results in real world applications.

We can teach courses for large or small groups, fluently in English, Spanish or both, and using a curriculum that meets the needs of your particular organization.

In addition to the presentation, we can create technical or training documents to support the information given during the classes.

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In person and online training web based

In-Person and Online Courses

Our courses can be presented in person or web-based.  We are equally skilled in providing courses either way.  Some people prefer in person coursework, others are content with the flexibility that online training can provide.

The curriculum for in person or online courses, can be the same or modified to suit the needs of our clients.  We can use Skype, Web meetings or any other platform you use already.

Just call us and we can discuss your goals and what we can do for you.

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Technical Training Courses in English and Spanish

One thing that makes our company unique, is our instructors are both Engineers and Professional Translators.  So courses and materials can be presented in both fluent English or Spanish.  We also provide courses in person or online.

If you have offices in both primarily English and Spanish speaking countries, we can create the same training programs in both languages.  This helps to maintain a consistent skill level company-wide, as well as customize it to local needs.


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Some of our Courses Include

Finite Element Analysis Courses

The Computer-Aided Engineering courses will ensure you learn how to optimize the usage of your Finite Element Analysis software. Our course offerings are in the following plastics processing methods:

Injection molding machine training

Injection Molding Training



Extrusion Molding Training Course

Extrusion Molding Training



Blow Molding Technical Training

Blow Molding Training


Thermomolding Training

Thermoforming Training


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