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Customer Testimonials:

Jim McGuire, Sr. CAE Engineer at BASF

“This class was customized to our needs, and provided a very helpful overview of specific topics. In addition, the exercises provided are a good reinforcement of the topics.

The instruction was delivered in an engaging manner. In addition, the instructor conducted detailed follow-up to answer some of our more obscure questions!”

Dan Ward, Process Engineer at Synventive Molding Solutions

“This letter is my personal recommendation for Ana Maria Marin. Ana Maria and I worked together from July 2000 until June 2004 as Moldflow Technical Support Engineers. Working as a team, we tackled all sorts of issues ranging from licensing to assisting in solving complex engineering problems. In this fast-paced (and often stressful) environment, I found her to be consistently pleasant with customers, knowledgeable in flow simulation strategies, and extremely dedicated.

Though she was a strong asset to our technical support team, Ana Maria excelled in other areas of the company. She taught training courses, wrote new training material, and provided application engineering for the sales staff. Within a few short years, she became one of the industry’s most proficient users of the Moldflow Plastics Insight software. She was later invited to become an adjunct professor teaching flow simulation in the Plastics Engineering program of the University of Massachusetts at Lowell.

Besides being a joy to work with, Ana Maria assumed a leadership role in which she co-developed a Moldflow user certification program. This certification program raised the bar for industry standards and is still in use at present day.

I highly recommend Ana Maria for employment. She is a team player and would make a great technical asset to any organization.”

Kim Humphreys, VP Marketing & Business Development NOWaccount Network Corporation

“We had a tight deadline to produce bilingual marketing material for a tradeshow.  A-Z Sophisticated Solutions provided great customer service and attention to detail, enabling us to produce our materials in time for the show.  It was a huge help for us.”

Tyler Cassedy, TEMA Plastics Project Engineer, Aerotek at Toyota

“Ana Maria’s  highest value to me, was in her strong ability to directly connect the Moldflow Simulations to real world applications. She did so by explaining very well, how the Moldflow program “thinks,” while using great “in the field” examples.  This not only maintained my interest, but gave me much more confidence in the accuracy of my own simulations.  Her training far outweighed the value of my previous week long course, which was merely textbook driven.”

Daniel Truax, Manufacturing Engineer, Banjo Corporation

“I took the Moldflow Insight Fundamentals course and the Moldflow Insight Advanced Flow course with no prior Moldflow experience.  I took the Moldflow Insight Advanced Cool and Warp course a few weeks later.  The amount of information presented was intimidating, but Ana Maria delivered it in an engaging and straightforward manner.  Whenever I was confused by a new concept she was able to explain it in a way that I could understand, and she either knew or found the answer to every question that was asked.  By the end of the last course I had an understanding not only of how to run the software, but also how to get relevant results and interpret them.”

Michael Fleury, Moldflow Analyst,  SMR Automotive Systems USA Inc

“After 20 years in the CAE industry the training I received from A-Z Sophisticated Solutions re-affirmed my foundation of robust simulation practices. A-Z Sophisticated Solutions provided me with a link between CAE theory and the development of real actionable data allowing my employer to take more profits through cost avoidance.”

Brian Cutler, Process Simulation Engineer, Synventive Molding Solutions

“I was grateful to have Ana Maria assist me in my training. While subject matter may be of interest, training material on the face of it is not always particularly exciting. Ana Maria, however, possesses those qualities which enable focus; placing the training regimen into context. Using a combination of her expertise, attention to detail, and a pleasant personality, Ana Maria is able to elevate the mundane into something digestible. No easy task. But that is what makes Ana Maria so good at what she does.”

Christian del Bosque, Moldflow analista, Delphi

“Para mi ha sido una experiencia incalculable, ya que yo trabajo actualmente a diario con el programa, y el ver otras maneras de poder lograr resultados y aun mas rápidos y sencillos ha sido de gran valor para mi día a día en la compañía, un plus que yo le daría a esta clase que tomé es que, la clase fue dada en español por parte de Ana Maria, y lo único que puedo decir es que domina el programa a la perfección y tiene un conocimiento muy vasto para poder explicar y dar nuevos escenarios de ver los problemas o retos a los que nos enfrentamos.”

Timothy C. Dzurik, Design Engineer, The Plastek Group

“The course was laid out very well, and presented by a very knowledgeable instructor. Even with material that was not contained within the class, Ana Maria was able to answer every question.”

Adam Kramschuster, Ph.D., Assistant Professor and Program Director, Plastics Engineering, University of Wisconsin-Stout

“My knowledge of Moldflow was minimal before attending the Moldflow Insight Basic course. At the end of the three day course, I felt I had a solid background in the theory behind the software and the features available. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who is looking to obtain the background necessary before tackling their own simulation projects.”

William Cordero Ramos, Master Molder, Techno Plastics Industries

“Primeramente quisiera señalar que el recurso que brindó el curso, la Sra. Ana María Marín, es excelente. Ella domina a cabalidad tanto el programa como el tema. A pesar de que el proceso de simulación es uno complejo ella lo explica de una forma clara, precisa, sencilla y muy profesional. También mantuvo nuestra atención durante toda la capacitación y aclaró todas las dudas de una forma precisa y con ejemplos claros.
Sin lugar a dudas recomiendo totalmente a la Sra. Marín como recurso para impartir la enseñanza del programa. En cuanto al programa como tal me ha brindado una nueva perspectiva para aplicar al proceso de Moldeo por Inyección, que es la parte en que más experiencia tengo. Estoy seguro de que podré obtener mucho provecho del programa, para beneficio de la empresa a la que pertenezco y considero mía, Techno Plastics Industries Inc en Puerto Rico, a la cuál también agradezco por siempre creer en mi e invertir en el desarrollo de sus Asociados. Gracias.”  

Dr. Cuitlahuac Osornio Correa, Professor and researcher of Mechanical Engineering, Universidad Iberoamericana Ciudad de México

“El curso me pareció muy profesional. El instructor (Ana María) maneja perfectamente el software y, lo más interesante es que se resolvieron problemas reales de ingeniería. Con este tipo de apoyos es posible manejar mejor el software y obtener el mayor provecho del mismo. Es también importante que al manejar adecuadamente el software se puede tener mayor confianza en la exactitud de los resultados. Entre mejor podamos manejar el software éste es más redituable para la empresa.

En lo referente al aspecto académico nosotros como profesores e investigadores tenemos el conocimiento de los fenómenos físicos que enseñamos pero definitivamente los conocimientos son mejor asimilados por los alumnos cuando los enfrentamos a problemas reales por medio del software adecuado. La capacitación recibida por Ana María a mi me sirvió para poder mostrar a mis alumnos el manejo del software de manera expedita y con la seguridad de llegar a los resultados esperados fácilmente.”

Olaff Sosa Rentería, Ing. en Coordinación de Diseño, Strattec Componentes Automotrices

“Pues mi testimonio durante el entrenamiento recibido por la instructora Ana María Marín fue muy gratificante ya que se respondieron todas las dudas y además se extendieron las explicaciones, además de la buena interacción entre alumno e instructor, recomiendo mucho los entrenamientos con la instructora antes mencionada ya que cuenta además con todas las comodidades para hacer el entrenamiento muy satisfactorio y didáctico.”



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